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Derma Roller Testimonial

Derma Roller Testimonial

Skin needling is practiced worldwide in beauty salons by doctors, estheticians and cosmetologists.

Does it really work?

One of our customers, a woman named D.B., has agreed to share her own experience with dermarolling including some interesting before-and-after photos. She had undergone a series of 6 treatments overall, 6 weeks apart, starting on September 2011, mostly to lift some wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

This is how she described it:

"I had my treatment at Musgrave clinic at Musgrave park in Durban. It was not painful as they used an anaesthetic gel to numb the skin. I had it done over a weekend as I could not go in the sun. My face was very red and bleeding a little on the forehead but they used a good mask on it to cool it down and then a moisturiser."

"It was a 1.5mm [roller]. I paid five thousand rand [=$600] for the treatments and paid 2,500 rand [=$300] for the dermaroller which they kept at the Clinic. They used Environ [a cream containing vitamins A, C & E] and they did not try to persuade me to purchase their cream as I could not really afford it. People have remarked that my skin has really improved."

First Treatment (Click for full size):

Satisfied with the results, and seeing how simple it was to carry out, D.B. decided to purchase a 1.5mm Dr.Roller to continue her treatments at home:

"I did purchase a 0.2mm dermaroller and a 0.5mm as well but feel it does not go deep enough. The only discomfort with the 1.5mm was just above the lips but was not unbearable. Lastly I feel it was all well worth it and am very satisfied with the results."

Treatment no. 3:

Treatment no. 4:

Final Treatment:

Wrinkles and fine lines are minimized (most noticeable around the mouth). Skin texture is improved and overall complexion is brighter.


So, as it turns out, you can always spend $900 on a skin needling program plus a derma roller (which, by the way, you don't even get to own). Or, you could save yourself the money and buy a dermaroller for home use for about 1/20 the price.

Our dermarollers are the same quality you find in professional clinics and rolling them on your skin is as simple as it is safe.

About the author:

My name is Sarah Berk, or SarahB. homepage: . I live in Boston, MA and work as an author at Dr-Roller-Shop inc.