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Choosing the Derma Roller Brand

Choosing the Derma Roller Brand

You may find yourself confused by all the different derma roller models that we offer. In fact, the #1 question our customer support gets is this : Which roller should I get?

In a previous article Choosing the Correct Needle Length we discussed only how to choose the needle length, but let's dive deeper into the differences between the rollers that are available in our shop.

The first thing that you need to know, and probably already do, is that the derma roller brand considered the highest quality is Dr.Roller. And that is for a reason. First, it is manufactured in South Korea (all of the other rollers are usually made in China). Second, its build quality and sterilization process are very strict. While all rollers are built pretty much from the same materials, the needles in the Dr.Roller rollers are the finest. This means that Dr.Roller rollers are suitable for all body parts, and that even the 1.5mm roller – used on the face - will not cause too much pain.

These quality features come with a price tag, as the Dr.Roller rollers are also the most expensive ones in our site (but not too expensive overall!). A lot of people ask us, "how come your Dr.Rollers are so cheap compared to other online shops?". People are rightfully concerned about the genuineness of the products they are getting. We, at Dr.Roller SHOP, are committed to delivering an original product. Our rollers come directly from the Moohan corporation in South Korea. The only reason for our relatively low price is simply that our profit margins are smaller. In other words, we are less greedy.

But what about other rollers? It's true that Dr.Roller is our first and preferred choice, but other rollers work just as well, and in addition, each model has its own benefits. The ZGTS rollers, for example, have their needles coated with Titanium. They are not as fine as in other models, but for treating large body parts for deep scars or stretch marks they are ideal and will last you a long time, as the needles are quite robust.

The MT and MNS dermarollers are also a good option if you're on a limited budget. Some people prefer the MNS rollers over the MT because they come in a more convenient case. But basically they both offer the same high quality with sterilized medical grade needles that are crucial when rolling deep into the skin.

Regardless of the model, you should replace your roller after about 6 months of usage as all needles eventually dull out.

In conclusion, if you want the best of the best, go for the Dr.Roller dermarollers. But if you are budget-aware, know that the other brands will eventually provide the same long-term results, in spite of their minor shortcomings.