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Dr Roller Features

Dr. Roller Review

Dr. Roller has the name for being the best derma (skin) roller available for home treatment and is the first choice when it comes to choosing a premium quality roller.

All Dr. Roller rollers are sterilized and assembled with extreme care with high quality medical-grade needles which are not only strong and flexible, reducing the risk of being bent or cut, but also polished and refined 30 times over, making them significantly finer than in any other brand. As a result they cause less discomfort on the skin compared to other rollers of the same length.

Dr. Roller comes in two sizes: 3-line and 8-line. The 3-line is used for small, hard to reach areas, such as the nose and above the lip, whereas the 8-line is ideal for large areas such as the stomach, buttocks and thighs.

The Dr. Roller skin rollers are made in South Korea by Moohan Enterprise and they are FDA certified.

Feel free to browse our Dr. Roller section and get the best roller available delivered to your home.


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