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DRS Roller

DRS Roller
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Price: $39.00 $34.90
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Model: DRS
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DRS/DNS Titanium Roller*

We have replaced all our previous mid-range rollers (both MT and ZGTS) with this new high-quality roller. 

The DRS Roller is very similar to the DR.Roller (for example, the ergonomic shape of the handle) except its body is all plastic (DR.Roller contains some metallic parts).

It features 200 cross-lined-arranged and sterilized needles, titanium-made for extra durability.

This roller is available in 4 variations (according to the length of its needles):

  • 0.2 mm – Suitable for daily use. Improves serums and creams absorption in the skin.
  • 0.5 mm – Good for collagen induction (skin anti-aging) especially for treating light acne scarring or hyper-pigmentation and minor wrinkles on the face.
  • 1.0 mm – If you want to treat deeper wrinkles or scars, use this length. For the face or body.
  • 1.5 mm – Best used on fleshier body parts (like the buttocks or stomach) - for treating deep stretch marks and scars.

(Please select the desired needle length above).

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* Note: Customers in the USA / Australia may receive a special edition of the DRS roller named DNS from BioGenesis, London. Both rollers (DNS and DRS) are of the same quality and type.


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DRS Roller
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