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5 Reasons to Buy a Derma Roller

  1. It does not visibly damage your skin.
    Unlike chemical peels, using a derma roller leaves the epidermis (the external layer of the skin) in tact. This means you are not risking getting hyper-pigmentation, and you can go back to work several hours after treatment.
  2. Anyone can use it.
    No matter what type of skin you have - if you don't have any special skin condition - you can use a derma roller.
  3. Buying a dermaroller is far cheaper than alternative treatments.
    Most conditions can be treated successfully with a derma roller - so why spend thousands of dollars on lasers when you can buy a roller for less than 1/50 the price?
  4. Micro-needling dramatically boosts the effectiveness of skin care products.
    Even if you don't suffer from stretch marks, scars, etc. you can still use a derma roller to increase the absorption of your regular skin care gels and solutions.
  5. Your skin collagen levels will increase and it will make it thicker and tighter.
    In addition, many people report minimized pores and a better, more-uniform complexion.

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