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5 Skin Roller Myths

5 Derma Roller Myths

Myth No. 1 : Derma rolling is better done by a professional than at home by yourself.

We believe that often the opposite is true for several reasons. First, the fact is that Skin Needling is a relatively simple procedure which can be carried out at home safely. Second, beauty salons and clinics usually offer a set of 4-6 rolling treatments which is, a) very expensive b) usually not enough to really begin seeing a dramatic change in the skin.

In our experience, if you have never used a skin needling device before, you will need to use it excessively for about 3 months before you begin to see real, permanent results.

Myth No. 2 : Derma Rolling is too painful if you don't use numbing cream.

This is very individual, since naturally some people are more physically sensitive than others, but the truth is that over time many people find that they can use the roller without any numbing cream, especially with the 0.25mm to 1.0mm needles.

While some people can even tolerate the 1.5mm roller on their body, we recommend to just use a numbing cream or even a simple ice pack to reduce any discomfort down to zero.

Myth No. 3 : Derma Rolling won't work if you don't use vitamin C, E or a Copper Peptide serum.

Derma Rolling by itself works to trigger collagen induction. There is still a debate whether any topicals can actually "help" this process. If you insist using any skin care products while rolling, we strongly recommend that you use only products that are specially designed for skin needling, or at least ones that contain only 100% natural ingredients.

Myth No. 4 : There is only one genuine derma (skin) roller.

There are many brands of rollers made by different companies, and just like in most other products, some brands are better than others, but basically they are all the same product. When buying a skin needling roller make sure it's made by a known and reliable company, and that it's FDA or CEE approved (which means it's properly sterilized).

Myth No. 5 : You can't use a 0.5mm roller at home.

Some companies only sell the 0.2mm to the public, claiming that anything above that must only be used by a trained professional. This is not true at all. Thousands of people are using skin rollers at home every day with no problem. Moreover, the 0.2mm needles cannot penetrate the skin deep enough to induct collagen in it, so it's basically pretty much useless as far as anti-aging is concerned.